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A 1970s Indian villa serves as the setting for the survival horror game KAMLA APK. As a priest entrusted with expelling the demon Kamla, players take on this duty. The game creates an immersive experience by fusing contemporary horror gaming with Indian culture. The game stands out in the horror genre because of its unique gameplay, location, and smooth mobile platform transfer.


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In the survival horror game KAMLA APK, players take on the role of a priest entrusted with expelling the demon Kamla from a 1970s Indian home. A dark, stormy night is shown in the game, with lightning illuminating the home against the clouds. Players must solve puzzles and manoeuvre through eerie passageways to gather items for an exorcism ceremony. They must assemble sacred objects, figure out challenging puzzles, and decipher hidden clues.

Meetings with Kamla are breathtaking, as her rage manifests as spine-tingling cries and apparitions. Despite the terror, the house’s opulent interiors are stunning with their elaborately carved oak doors and flickering oil lamps. Players must collect historical artefacts and confront their worst fears to break Kamla’s curse. With its intricate narrative, eye-catching visuals, and inventive gameplay designed just for mobile devices, KAMLA APK delivers a scary experience.

What does Kamla mean

The Indian name Kamla, which is often used for girls, connotes attributes like wealth, auspiciousness, and beauty. Its negative undertones are highlighted by the fact that in the horror game “KAMLA APK,” it probably symbolizes an evil ghost or monster haunting the house.

Key Features of KAMLA APK

The mobile survival horror game KAMLA APK takes place in a haunted Indian house where it becomes difficult to distinguish between reality and a nightmare. Players will be left wanting more as the game delivers an immersive experience with cutting-edge gaming mechanics and intricate cultural elements. The game is supposed to leave players wanting more and gasping for air.

Gripping Narrative

The game’s plot is exciting and keeps players interested with its suspense, mystery, and fear. As a priest, you have to drive out a demonic force from a haunted house while learning about Kamla’s troubled past and the sad circumstances that led to her curse. You won’t stop watching the story till the very finish.

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

The game offers a novel take on the survival horror subgenre by fusing ancient exorcism rites with stealth-based gameplay. In addition to navigating perilous hallways and solving challenging puzzles, players must gather necessary supplies and outsmart evil forces. Tension is increased by the worry that Kamla will see you, which makes you utilize your surroundings wisely to survive the night.

Mobile Optimization

The game delivers the same spine-tingling experience on mobile devices as on PC, thanks to flawless optimization. With the horrors of Kamla’s house constantly close by, players may immerse themselves in its rich story and gaming features while on the move, whether at home or on their commute to work.

Free Version Available

For those who want to explore the game’s dark world without having to make an instant financial commitment, a free version is available. Without any initial outlay of funds, this entrance point offers a seductive peek into the mystery and tension of the game. The creators encourage players to explore the first few chapters of the terrifying adventure to unlock the whole story.

Unlocking Premium Features with MOD APK

By granting players access to premium features, unique material, and new powers, the MOD APK version of KAMLA elevates the horror experience while also improving gameplay to new levels of excitement and dread.

Enhanced Gameplay

Players may enjoy improved horror encounters with the MOD APK, increasing inventory capacity and quickening movement. With the help of these gameplay adjustments, players may navigate the haunting mansion halls with a strategic edge, outwitting Kamla and overcoming obstacles.

Unlimited Resources

You will never run out of resources since the MOD APK provides an endless supply of necessities. To confront Kamla’s fury head-on, the MOD APK offers an infinite array of weapons, including healing potions and puzzle-solving tools.

Ad-Free Experience

With the MOD APK, players may completely immerse themselves in the eerie atmosphere of KAMLA, uncover its secrets, and face the sinister presence inside the mansion—all without paying for advertisements.

Exclusive Content

The MOD APK version gives players access to material such as additional levels and different endings, making for an exciting and novel gaming experience. It enables players to go further into the shadows and discover KAMLA APK’s actual level of evil.

How to Install

There is no need for complicated steps or rooting to install the MOD APK. To install the game, download the altered file from a reliable site, allow installation from unknown sources in your device’s settings, and adhere to the prompts on the screen. After installation, open KAMLA to use the unlocked premium features and lose yourself in the ultimate horror experience.

With the MOD APK version, you may unleash KAMLA’s full power and enter a terrifying and suspenseful world unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Are you prepared to face the shadows and permanently expel Kamla from the mansion?



A very captivating and thrilling gaming experience that skillfully combines aspects of contemporary horror with Indian tradition is provided by KAMLA APK. It is a noteworthy title for horror fans because of its inventive gaming mechanisms, well-crafted scenarios, and evocative atmosphere. Regardless of your experience or familiarity with the genre, KAMLA APK promises to provide an exhilarating and remarkable journey.

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