Ice Scream 1 MOD APK v1.2.6 (Unlocked, God Mode) for Android 2024

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Feb 1, 2024
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A fun and exhilarating game available on the Google Play Store is Ice Scream 1 MOD APK . You hear so much about kidnappers and are constantly terrified of them. Assume you have to defend the boy if we discover that your companion has been abducted. You may shop for items like t-shirts, shirts, jeans, tops, sarees, electronics, and more as you enter this game. It also asks about your game. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other services are only a few of its numerous features.

It is one of the exciting, stylish action games that you may play anytime, anyplace at an arcade. This game is available for single-player offline play. To begin the game, you must pay some money to remove advertisements. We first witnessed an ice cream vendor singing songs to get kids to come and make purchases.

That ice cream vendor abducted children and imprisoned them in an iron cage if they went to him. You have to assist the youngster in getting away after seeing everything. We can also investigate eerie locations. To save the youngster from the kidnapper, we have three opportunities.

To do it, we must solve many enigmatic problems. We were terrified when we spotted the abductor. The young man with superpowers was abducted by the kidnapper. You must hide in his ice cream van to learn about the kidnapper’s scheme.

In this game, the kidnapper goes by the moniker Rod. You have to walk into many scenes to save that child from the kidnapper, and he can hear everything you do. This game may be played on a variety of difficulties, including hard, ghost, and normal. This game does not contain any graphic scenes.

Download the Ice Scream 1 MOD APK for fun and scary gaming.

You will be given some instructions at the start of the game. presenting Ice Scream 1 MOD APK ‘s material concurrently. The protagonist of the game centers around a hideous figure who sells ice cream. Rod is his name. His superpower is the ability to freeze anything. He entices the children to visit his ice cream truck every day with his amiable face. After that, Rod freezes and takes them to an unknown location. The nasty ice cream vendor will visit your neighborhood one day. You witnessed Rod freeze and take Charlie, your neighbor’s buddy, hostage on the balcony. Right now, you have to save Charlie.


You will be accompanied by a bicycle on the daring Ice Scream 1 MOD APK course. Gamers can switch up their movements to obtain the best angle. As you travel, the individuals you encounter will provide you with a wealth of useful advice. Hints will be necessary for many gamers, and engaging in advertisements will increase your purchasing power. Furthermore, a big map adds a lot of hurdles to your path. Explore the city and find hundreds of pieces of evidence that will help you apprehend the strange ice cream man. It is possible that he noticed you, but it is unlikely. Players need to prepare for this excursion and take additional caution to avoid being discovered!


The narrative opens with the strange activities of the enigmatic ice cream salesperson; your closest buddy is dragged away by the rolling-over truck full of frigid air.

  1. – Once the kidnapping operation is completed, the ice cream vendor will take possession of the escaped vehicle. Pay great attention to them to avoid being seen by their gaze. In the action-packed adventure series of the game, you will uncover hundreds of horrifying truths about the city hidden in the automobile.
  2. – You will face certain challenges along the road, get past them, and continue. You will also respond to all of the stuff that is stated and rapidly learn more.
  3. – Proceed to explore and save your companion by going through each option to assess the level of difficulty for each kind. This will give you a distinct impression of the game’s content.

Resolve puzzles

To discover the most horrifying mysteries about this creature, you must break into the ice cream maker’s truck and go to places that hold significance for him. Solve puzzles to access additional areas and fascinating discoveries along the route. With the ability to hear everything you do, can you trick the ice cream man? Additionally, there are many difficulty settings in the game, so players of different sizes may test their mettle.

Ice Scream 1 MOD APK


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